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Træbearbejdningsudstyr til udskæring

Woodworking machinery refers to a kind of machinery tool which processes the semi-finished wood products that have been already processed into wood products in wood processing technology. With the development of modern furniture and crafts, the woodworking machinery has developed from the simple cutting to the current high accuracy and high speed woodworking machinery with […]


The conveyor belt and conveyor system are the key components of many material conveying processes. Conveyor belts are responsible for moving bulk goods or unit cargo throughout manufacturing and distribution facilities, and have an important impact on efficient management of product flow and supply chain demand. If your end users hope to improve manufacturing and […]

CNC værktøjsudstyr

  Application requirements in CNC/machine tool field The main drive device( planetary gearbox) of NCPC is required high torsional rigidity and optimized torque. If the workpiece needs to be positioned accurately, then the backlash of planetary gearbox must be very small. Tooling system, which is the core module of NCPC, requires shorter tool changing time […]

Udstyr til papirtårn

Paper towel processing equipment/ toilet paper processing equipment is also called: toilet paper machinery, toilet paper rewinding machinery. Toilet paper processing equipment mainly includes: toilet paper rewinding machinery, band saw paper cutting machine, sealing machine,   sometimes, it will be classified in detail by the models and functions of machinery. Different manufacturers have different classifications. High […]


Fenghua precision planetary gearbox is mainly special for servo motor/ stepper motor. The greatest characteristics are high precision, large transmission capacity. Of course, it can also match DC motor, single phase motor, and synchronous motor and various three phases asynchronous motor power sources. Planetary gearbox adopts the planetary gear structure design, high-performance alloy steel with […]


Advantages of planetary gearbox special for Fenghua food processing machinery: Planetary gearbox can adapt to various environments and conditions of food machinery. With the optimized seals, and health-level lubrication oil for food industry. Our planetary gearbox can run normally at high temperature up to 90°C, and low temperature down to 10°C, and the highest protection […]


Product characteristics of planetary reducer special for Fenghua laser cutting: Unique multi-stage reduction ratio, high-efficiency output torque. Patented inner ring design to ensure durability and low noise. Sealed full oil seal design to ensure no leakage of lubricating grease. Transmission efficiency of up to 97%. The product of the same grade has the smallest volume […]

Hannover Messe 2019 kommer

Good news. 3F Famed is going to attend German Hannover Messe from April1~5. Welome to visit our booth and talk about our cooperation of low backlash gearbox face to face. Our company has been always expanding its international brand reputation by making advertisement and attending all kinds of related exhibitions to let more customers to […]

Sådan beregnes drejningsmomentet for Planetisk gearkasse

During the model selection process of reducer gearbox, normally several parameters will be considered including the reduction ratio of the planetary gearbox, the output speed of the gearbox, the matching motor power and the output mode of the speed reducer. All of these parameters are very important. Besides, there are still other related parameters. Today […]