The conveyor belt and conveyor system are the key components of many material conveying processes. Conveyor belts are responsible for moving bulk goods or unit cargo throughout manufacturing and distribution facilities, and have an important impact on efficient management of product flow and supply chain demand.

If your end users hope to improve manufacturing and reduce maintenance, then continuously improving the performance, reliability and efficiency of conveyor belt can reduce cost obviously. Besides, improving modularity and flexibility means that it is easier to reconfigure to meet continuous changing requirements and introduce new products.

Conveyor equipment is a kind of handling machinery that constantly conveys materials on certain routes, also called constant conveying equipment. Conveyor equipment can convey objects horizontally, obliquely, and vertically, and it can also form a space conveying route. The conveying route is usually fixed. Conveyor equipment has large conveying capacity, long conveying distance, and it can complete several technological operations simultaneously in the conveying process, so it is widely applied.

Belt type conveyor equipment is a kind of conveyor equipment. It has the advantages of strong conveying capacity, long conveying distance, simple structure to easily maintain, and can conveniently implement programmed control and automatic operation. Belt conveyor equipment adopts the continuous or intermittent movement of conveyor equipment to convey articles below 100 kg or powdery or granular articles. It runs at high speed, stable, low noise and can convey up and down slopes. Belt conveyor equipment is also called belt type conveyor equipment or belt conveying equipment, which is an indispensable economical logistics conveyor equipment to form the rhythmic flow lines.

Mounting planetary gearbox on the conveying system can effectively reduce rotation speed, and increase torque.

  1. The principle of planetary gearbox: through the gears with a smaller number on the input shaft of planetary gearbox mesh with the large gears on the output shaft to reach the purpose of reducing speed.

The functions of planetary gearbox: it matches the rotatory speed and transfers the torque  among prime mover and working machinery or actuator. Planetary gearbox is a kind of relatively precise machinery. The purpose of using it is to reduce rotatory speed and increase torque