نمای کلی از AT-LM / RM Double-output Shaft Steering Gearbox

  • High precision: the gearbox was made of spiral bevel gears.
  • Energy-saving: its transmission efficiency can reach to 98%.
  • Light weight: the material of housing is aluminum.
  • Maintenance free: it adopts synthetic grease.
  • Easy to install: with double-output shaft in opposite directions.

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شرح AT-LM / RM Right Angle جعبه دنده

3F AT-LM/RM series right angle steering gearbox adopts spiral worm gear design and to achieve high torque output, the maximum output torque can reach to 8,000Nm. With the integrated stainless steel body design, it ensures maximum rigidity and corrosion resistance of the AT-LM/RM series right angle steering gearbox. In the other hand, the combination of high precision grinded worm bevel gear set and the optimized design of the planetary gear set can realize high strength and high efficiency. AT-LM/RM series right angle steering gearbox features of overload capability, low transmission error, quiet operation, shock resistant, space saving, etc.

کاربرد AT-LM / RM Right Angle Steering جعبه دنده

3F AT-LM/RM series right angle steering gearbox was widely applied in Printer, Belt Conveyors, Gantry Robot, Auto packing sealing machine, Packing machine ( vertical pillow), Packing machine ( horizontal pillow), Dispenser Robot, Loader robot and some other heavy load case.

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Specification Table of AT Series

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Catalogue of AT-LM/ AT-RM Steering Gearbox

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