Ground Rack & Pinion

Gear racks are used to transform the rotating motion into linear motion. There are straight gears and helical gear racks for choice. The straight teeth or helical teeth of the gear rack steel block are cut into a surface of a square or round section. It makes movement with a pinion, which is a small cylindrical gear meshing with the gear rack. Normally, gear rack and small gear are collectively called “rack and pinion”. Gears are widely used in different applications like a gear could be used with the gear rack to rotate a parallel shaft.

In order to supply various of racks and pinions with a fast delivery time, 3F has prepared many types of racks and pinions in stock to meet different requirements of our customers.

If the application requires a long length gear racks, then multiple gear racks will be needed to work in series. 3F has gear racks, the teeth shapes of which can perfectly match the ends of other racks, which is also called “Gear racks with machined ends”. During the production of the gear and pinion, the cutting process and heat treatment process will make them go out of shape and decrease the precision. 3F company could adopt special press and other remedial process like grinding to control the quality.

Some applications are featured with stationary racks, while the pinion is making lateral movement. And there are some applications that the pinion makes rotary movement on the stationary shaft while the rack is moving. The former is widely applied in conveying systems while the latter can be used in extrusion systems and lifting applications.