Advantages of planetary gearbox special for Fenghua food processing machinery:

  1. Planetary gearbox can adapt to various environments and conditions of food machinery.
  2. With the optimized seals, and health-level lubrication oil for food industry. Our planetary gearbox can run normally at high temperature up to 90°C, and low temperature down to 10°C, and the highest protection level is P65K.
  3. It can operate normally even in the ultra condition and environment.
  4. Planetary gearbox special for Fenghua food processing is a very small and light product. It can bear heavy load under the situation of small volume and lightweight , so that can meet all installation requirements of food machinerys.
  5. Safe and health is the premium of food manufacturing. Planetary gearbox special for food processing has extremely strict hygienic standard production requirements to complete positioning, food packaging, food filling, raw material ingredients.
  6. These machinerys require more flexibility, quick and accuracy. Planetary gearbox special for food processing can easily fulfill these demands.
  7. Planetary gearbox special for food processing has good dynamic performance, smooth operation and high precision repetitive path.
  8. The planetary gearbox special for food processing has a smooth surface with high precision. It adopts the environmental protection surface treatment technology and can fully meet the hygienic requirements of food grade.
  9. The planetary gear reducer for food processing uses a modular design principle, which can be assembled freely to meet customer’s choice of various precision, reduction ratio, and torque. Therefore, the purchase cost will be greatly reduced, and the product quality can be guaranteed at the same time.

The high precision automatic ingredient and filling systems in the fields of food industry have positioning and placement requirements for planetary gearbox and other drive parts. It not only needs to provide planetary gearbox special for food processing with reliable, precised and high-performance driving technology but also provide solutions for fields of food industry.

Planetary gearbox in the field of food equipment:

There are many types of food machinerys, including candies, drinks, meet products, etc. Food machinery refers to the machinery applied in the process of processing the food raw materials into food (or semi-finished products).

The food machinery is developing in the direction of high quality, high precision, large-scale and automation so that can obtain the best economic benefits needs.

Reliability and coordination of food machinery can directly affect the working efficiency, product cost, and product quality of the whole production line. Whether raw materials or final products, much different food equipment require accurate and efficient systems.