Harmoninė greičių dėžė

The 3F famed harmonic gearboxes are widely used in robot joints with features of compact design, light weight, high torque, good quality with competitive price. We supply a full size range of harmonic reducers that matches the Japanese harmonic drive gearboxes. They are the perfect alternative speed reducers for your limited budget.

● High rigidity of 3F harmonic gearbox is the most satisfied good point to our users.
● High strength of 3F company harmonic drive gear mainly reflected through flexspline.
● Zero backlash of harmonic gear to meet the precision applications of users.
● High torque capacity is the outstanding advantages of 3F company harmonic gearbox.
● Solid cross roller output bearings make the 3F robot gearbox operate smoothly with high efficiency.
● The extreme flat design enable 3F harmonic gearbox to meet the user’s small volume requirement for robot joints’ application.
● Hollow shaft designed harmonic drive gearboxes are in available to meet the different needs of the users.