Woodworking machinery refers to a kind of machinery tool which processes the semi-finished wood products that have been already processed into wood products in wood processing technology.

With the development of modern furniture and crafts, the woodworking machinery has developed from the simple cutting to the current high accuracy and high speed woodworking machinery with CNC cutting, CNC craving and so on.

In the field of woodworking, planetary gearboxes are often only applied in high precise NCPC. The requirements of planetary gearbox are generally compact structure, large power output, high frequent rotation, high strength resist and rigidity, as well as high accuracy and maximum speed and severe working environment.

Application requirements in the field of woodworking machinery

  1. The application of high dynamic and linear operation of woodworking NCPC requires that planetary reducer be strong enough and has high running efficiency.
  2. Because the woodworking NCPC is highly dynamic, especially the multi-axis NCPC, the driving component’s self-weight needs to be very low, which can achieve good control effect and make the cycle time more efficient.
  3. The application of woodworking NCPC requires high speed, repetitive precision and precise positioning stability of heavy load, so as to achieve quickly and precisely cutting, drilling and craving and so on.
  4. Woodworking NCPC needs to continuous operation for 24 hours without pause even the whole year, so for the requirements of precision and stability are particularly high.
  5. High precise multi-axis woodworking NCPC requires absolutely not to deviate from the predefined path, even if slight vibration or tracking deviation will result in the deviation of the trajectory, the increase of the difference of products and cause the increase of the rate of defective products.
  6. The working environment of woodworking equipment is pretty severe. There are more dust and constant high temperature, so it is a challenge for the environmental adaption of planetary gearbox.

The conveyor belt and conveyor system are the key components of many material conveying processes. Conveyor belts are responsible for moving bulk goods or unit cargo throughout manufacturing and distribution facilities, and have an important impact on efficient management of product flow and supply chain demand.

If your end users hope to improve manufacturing and reduce maintenance, then continuously improving the performance, reliability and efficiency of conveyor belt can reduce cost obviously. Besides, improving modularity and flexibility means that it is easier to reconfigure to meet continuous changing requirements and introduce new products.

Conveyor equipment is a kind of handling machinery that constantly conveys materials on certain routes, also called constant conveying equipment. Conveyor equipment can convey objects horizontally, obliquely, and vertically, and it can also form a space conveying route. The conveying route is usually fixed. Conveyor equipment has large conveying capacity, long conveying distance, and it can complete several technological operations simultaneously in the conveying process, so it is widely applied.

Belt type conveyor equipment is a kind of conveyor equipment. It has the advantages of strong conveying capacity, long conveying distance, simple structure to easily maintain, and can conveniently implement programmed control and automatic operation. Belt conveyor equipment adopts the continuous or intermittent movement of conveyor equipment to convey articles below 100 kg or powdery or granular articles. It runs at high speed, stable, low noise and can convey up and down slopes. Belt conveyor equipment is also called belt type conveyor equipment or belt conveying equipment, which is an indispensable economical logistics conveyor equipment to form the rhythmic flow lines.

Mounting planetary gearbox on the conveying system can effectively reduce rotation speed, and increase torque.

  1. The principle of planetary gearbox: through the gears with a smaller number on the input shaft of planetary gearbox mesh with the large gears on the output shaft to reach the purpose of reducing speed.

The functions of planetary gearbox: it matches the rotatory speed and transfers the torque  among prime mover and working machinery or actuator. Planetary gearbox is a kind of relatively precise machinery. The purpose of using it is to reduce rotatory speed and increase torque


Application requirements in CNC/machine tool field

The main drive device( planetary gearbox) of NCPC is required high torsional rigidity and optimized torque.

If the workpiece needs to be positioned accurately, then the backlash of planetary gearbox must be very small.

Tooling system, which is the core module of NCPC, requires shorter tool changing time and chip conversion time.

The shortening of time needs the cooperation of planetary gearbox and servo motor, driving tool magazine quickly.

The tool changing device needs precise positioning of the tool to the moving position; therefore, the planetary gearbox

must accelerate in a very short time, and maintain stability and low backlash at the same time, and it requires to be

implemented under various load situations.

Paper towel processing equipment/ toilet paper processing equipment is also called: toilet paper machinery, toilet paper rewinding machinery. Toilet paper processing equipment mainly includes: toilet paper rewinding machinery, band saw paper cutting machine, sealing machine,   sometimes, it will be classified in detail by the models and functions of machinery. Different manufacturers have different classifications.

High quality machinery is made of standard components with long service life and little maintenance. In the similar paper towel processing system, you can obtain features of extreme high quality, maintenance needs and extensible low cost. So it provides better control, faster speed, simpler design, less energy consumption and better environment protection solutions.

Fenghua precision planetary gearbox is mainly special for servo motor/ stepper motor. The greatest characteristics are high precision, large transmission capacity. Of course, it can also match DC motor, single phase motor, and synchronous motor and various three phases asynchronous motor power sources.

Planetary gearbox adopts the planetary gear structure design, high-performance alloy steel with special heating treatment, flange and other alloy materials. It features of beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight, large torque, low noise, high efficiency and long service life and other characteristics.

Textile machinery is a variety of mechanical equipment needed to process natural or chemical fibers into textiles.

Textile machinery has strong craftability, complex structure, and many parts. It needs to be pre-assembled or partially assembled before leaving the factory and then subjected to production test or partial production test to ensure that the quality of the machine meets the requirements. Textile machinery factories have well-equipped test departments.

In the operating process of the textile machinery, the planetary gearbox is an indispensable industrial product. In the application of servo control, it has good servo rigidity effect, accurate positioning control, decreasing speed and increasing output torque at the same time.


Advantages of planetary gearbox special for Fenghua food processing machinery:

  1. Planetary gearbox can adapt to various environments and conditions of food machinery.
  2. With the optimized seals, and health-level lubrication oil for food industry. Our planetary gearbox can run normally at high temperature up to 90°C, and low temperature down to 10°C, and the highest protection level is P65K.
  3. It can operate normally even in the ultra condition and environment.
  4. Planetary gearbox special for Fenghua food processing is a very small and light product. It can bear heavy load under the situation of small volume and lightweight , so that can meet all installation requirements of food machinerys.
  5. Safe and health is the premium of food manufacturing. Planetary gearbox special for food processing has extremely strict hygienic standard production requirements to complete positioning, food packaging, food filling, raw material ingredients.
  6. These machinerys require more flexibility, quick and accuracy. Planetary gearbox special for food processing can easily fulfill these demands.
  7. Planetary gearbox special for food processing has good dynamic performance, smooth operation and high precision repetitive path.
  8. The planetary gearbox special for food processing has a smooth surface with high precision. It adopts the environmental protection surface treatment technology and can fully meet the hygienic requirements of food grade.
  9. The planetary gear reducer for food processing uses a modular design principle, which can be assembled freely to meet customer’s choice of various precision, reduction ratio, and torque. Therefore, the purchase cost will be greatly reduced, and the product quality can be guaranteed at the same time.

The high precision automatic ingredient and filling systems in the fields of food industry have positioning and placement requirements for planetary gearbox and other drive parts. It not only needs to provide planetary gearbox special for food processing with reliable, precised and high-performance driving technology but also provide solutions for fields of food industry.

Planetary gearbox in the field of food equipment:

There are many types of food machinerys, including candies, drinks, meet products, etc. Food machinery refers to the machinery applied in the process of processing the food raw materials into food (or semi-finished products).

The food machinery is developing in the direction of high quality, high precision, large-scale and automation so that can obtain the best economic benefits needs.

Reliability and coordination of food machinery can directly affect the working efficiency, product cost, and product quality of the whole production line. Whether raw materials or final products, much different food equipment require accurate and efficient systems.

Product characteristics of planetary reducer special for Fenghua laser cutting:

  1. Unique multi-stage reduction ratio, high-efficiency output torque.
  2. Patented inner ring design to ensure durability and low noise.
  3. Sealed full oil seal design to ensure no leakage of lubricating grease.
  4. Transmission efficiency of up to 97%.
  5. The product of the same grade has the smallest volume and is most suitable for the limited equipment space.
  6. High precision low backlash type 6arcmin and precision type 3arcmin are available.
  7. The internal components are made of heat treated high strength alloy steel, which can withstand harsh environment.


Laser cutting uses a focused high-power-density laser beam to irradiate a workpiece, so that the irradiated material melt, vaporize, ablate or reach the ignition point rapidly, At the same time, the melted material can be blown away by high-speed airflow in the coaxial direction of the laser beam, so that the workpiece can be cut off. Laser cutting is one of the hot cutting methods.


The laser uses material to generate light. This kind of light has a strong temperature. When it contacts the material, it can quickly melt on the surface of the material to form perforation. According to the movement of point to point, the cutting is formed. Therefore, compared with the traditional cutting method, this kind of cutting method have smaller gaps, and can save most of material. However, analyzing and defining according to cutting effect and laser cutting material, its cutting effect is satisfactory and precision is high. It inherits the advantages of laser and is not comparable with the ordinary cutting methods.


Compared with tradition cutting method, laser cutting is easier to understand and learn. And it has the absolute advantages in processing effect and speed aspect required by merchants. Therefore, it is believed that laser cutting machinery will be the demand of the public in the choice of cutting methods in the future.


Fenghua planetary gearbox has rich experience in laser cutting industry and can provide customer with economic, reliable, high speed and high torque precision planetary gearbox scheme.

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The service life of the precision gearbox is not only related to the quality of the reducer, but also on how to maintain the reducer in the ordinary time is also the key to the long time use of the planetary gearbox. Well, what problems we should pay attention to in the process of using the  3F precision gearbox? As a low backlash planetary gearbox manufacturer in China, here we would like to show you our professional views.

Firstly, before using the speed reducer, we should pay attention to check the gearbox construction, center distance specification, transmission ratio, input shaft connection mode, output shaft structure, input and output shaft direction and rotation direction are in conformity with the using requirement, and the worm input speed should not exceed 1500rpm. Secondly, the load should be applied gradually and cannot be started under full loaded. All speed reducers should be configured with exhaust plug. And oil level should be checked when using ( such as oil level mirror hole or open the oil plug ). Besides, the gear reducer should also try to avoid being exposed to the sun and the harsh environment. Ensure good ventilation environment near the motor fans, so as not to affect heat dissipation.

If the storage time of the servo gearbox is up to 4-6 months, you are required to check whether the oil seal is immersed in the lubrication oil. The lip of the oil seal may be stick on the shaft and even lose the elasticity. Because the proper elasticity is the working condition of the oil seal, it is recommended to replace the oil seal, and all the rubber and breathable hole can not be covered with paint.

The standard working environment of the speed reducer is at -5 C -40 C.

During the model selection process of reducer gearbox, normally several parameters will be considered including the reduction ratio of the planetary gearbox, the output speed of the gearbox, the matching motor power and the output mode of the speed reducer. All of these parameters are very important. Besides, there are still other related parameters. Today 3F mainly talks about the calculation of the reducer torque.

Motor torque, that is, the output torque of the motor, is one of the basic parameters of the motor. The unit is N.M.

Formula: T=9550P/n

This formula is a calculation formula for the relationship between torque, power and speed commonly used in engineering.

Meanings of each letter in the formula:

  • T-torque;
  • 9550-constant (do not have to find outits source);
  • P-motor power (KW);

n–output speed (rev/min r/min)

Note: if When calculating the torque through the reducer gearbox, the factor of gear transmission efficiency loss should be considered.

Servo motor torque calculation formula: T = F * R * reduction ratio. For example: If you need the machine to drive a 100kg object, knowing the move distance R = 50mm, and the reduction ratio is 1:50, please calculate the torque of the servo motor?

Answer: 100×9.8 (gravity acceleration) x0.05×0.02=0.98N.M

Reducer torque calculation formula

  1. Speedratio: speed ratio = motor output revolutions ÷ reducer output revolutions (“speed ratio” is also called “gear ratio”)
  2. Knowingthe motor power, speed ratio and theuse coefficient and you want to know the torque of the reducer.  The formula is as follows:

reducer torque = 9550×motor power÷motor power input revolution×speed ratio×use coefficient

  1. Knowingthe torque, the output revolution of the reducer and the use coefficient, then how to calculate the motor power of the reducer?

The following formula: Motor power = torque÷9550×motor power input speed÷speed ratio ÷use coefficient.