Overview of AT-FL1/R1 Speed Reducer

  • Large output torque
  • Easy for installation
  • High quality with reasonable price
  • Stable transmission and quiet operation
  • Smooth running and low noise
  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, light in weight and non-rusting
  • High torque up to 8000 Nm and high efficiency of 98%

Indication of Model Numbers of ATF Steering Gearbox

Description of AT-FL1/FR1  High Precision Servo Gearbox

3F AT-FL1/AT-FR1 series right angle gearbox is a servo speed reducer with single output shaft, AT-FL1 means the output shaft is on the left, and AT-FR1 means the output shaft is on the right, it can meet customers’ different needs. AT-FL1/AT-FR1 series right angle gear reducer features of high precision and a high radial load capacity. They can be matched with all brands of servo motors and stepper motor on the market.

Application of AT-FL1/FR1  High Precision Servo Gearbox

Widely used in Printer, Belt Conveyors, Gantry Robot, Auto packing sealing machine, Packing machine ( vertical pillow), Packing machine ( horizontal pillow), Dispenser Robot, Loader robot and some other heavy load case.

Q: Why the output force of precision planetary reducer is too small?

If the output force of precision planetary gearbox is too small, the shaft is easily broken. And what are the reasons that easily leads to this condition?

First of all, the wrong model selection results in the insufficient output torque of the precision planetary gear reducer that is equipped. When select the model, some users wrongly believed that as long as the nominated torque of the selected precision planetary reducer can meet the working requirement, that will be OK. Actually, it it not true. Firstly, the rated output torque of the matched motor is multiplied by reduction ratio equals to a data which is in principle should be smaller than the nominated output torque of the similar planetary reducer on the catalogue. Secondly, the overload capacity of the drive motor and the actual required maximum working torque should also be considered at the same time. In theory, the maximum operating torque the user needs must be less than 2 times of the rated output torque of the planetary reducer.

Specification Table

Specification Table of ATF Series

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