Overview of AT-L Right Angle Gearbox

  • AT-L gearbox made ofspiral bevel gears enables high precision.
  • The material of AT-L is nickel chromium alloy steel SCM415 HR60°realized the high rigidity.
  • High output torque thanks to the use of high-precision grinded worm bevel gear.
  • It adopts double conical bearing support, which is suitable for the large load
  • Space-saving with a compact structure.

Indication of Model Numbers of AT Steering Gearbox

Description of AT-L High Precision Spiral Bevel Gearbox

The steering gearbox, also known as the commutator and steering gear, is a power transmission mechanism which belongs to the speed reducers. 3F AT-L series features of maximum rigidity and corrosion resistance due to the integrated stainless steel body. With the multiple stainless steel output and input shaft shaft design, it is widely used in various of industrial application.

The 3F AT-L series double output shaft type speed reducer features of beautiful appearance, reasonable price and excellent performance which are widely applied in They are widely used in servo applications and power transmission solutions.

Besides, the AT series of right angle gearboxes are featured with patented oil seal design, maintenance-free and long service life.

Application of AT Shaft Output Steering Gearbox

AT-L spiral bevel right angle gearboxes are widely used in Printer, belt Conveyors, gantry robot, auto packing sealing machine, packing machine ( vertical pillow ), building machinery, packing machine ( horizontal pillow ), dispenser Robot, loader robot, rubber and plastic machinery, environmental machinery, lifting, ceramics machinery, metallurgical machinery, electrical machinery, food packing, and dyeing machinery, beverage machinery, petrochemical industry, stage machinery, etc.

Specification Table

Specification Table of AT-L Speed Reducer

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