Overview of SHG/SHF Series Harmonic Reducer

  • Compact and simple design
  • High torque capacity
  • High stiffness
  • Zero backlash
  • High-positional and rotational accuracy
  • Coaxial input and output

Indication of Model Numbers of SHG & SHF Series Harmonic Drive Gearbox

Description of SHG/SHF Series Harmonic Reducer

The 3F SHG/SHF series harmonic drive is a component-based product with easy operation. It consists of three basic components wave generator, flexspline and circular spline. SHG/ SHF series harmonic gears are featured of a large hollow input shaft and the cross roller bearings with high rigidity is built for direct support (main bearing) external loads. It adopts the large bore with hollow through hole structure design, and the whole shape of harmonic reducer is flat. The SHG/SHF gearheads are available in 4 variations allowing the customer to choose the best configuration for their application, hollow shaft(2UH), input shaft(2UJ), simplicity unit(2SO) and hollow shaft simplicity unit(2SH).

Details of SHG/SHF Harmonic Reducer

  1. The wave generator is installed in the shaft of motor. A ball bearing with thin-walled construction is fitted onto the outer periphery of the oval cam. The entire structure is oval. The inner ring of the bearing is fixed onto the voal cam and the outer ring elastically deforms through a ball.
  2. The circular spline is the inner gear of the rigid body which is equipped with the gear with the size of the flexspline, and the number of gears is more than that of the flexspline. It is usually fixed in a gear box.
  3. The flexspline is a cup-like elastic metal part with thin wall thickness. Teeth are cut into the outer periphery of the opening of the cup.
  4. The flexsplinebears a large alternating load and the requirements for the fatigue strength, processing and heat treatment of the material of the flexspline are relatively high.
  5. In the process of harmonic transmission, the meshing of tooth and tooth is surface contact, and the number of meshing teeth (overlap coefficient) is much more, so the load of per unit area is small and the bearing capacity is higher than that of other transmission forms.


The 3F SHG/SHF series harmonic drive gearbox are widely used in fields of robot, metal working machine, processing machine, printing, bookbinding and paper, semiconductor manufacturing systems, measurement, analytical and test systems, medical equipment, optical machine, wood, light metal and plastic machine tool, paper-making machine, crating and packaging machines, flat panel display manufacturing system, communication equipment, printed circuit board manufacturing machine, humanoid robot, telescope, energy, space equipment, aircraft, glass and ceramic manufacturing system, etc.

The Structure of SHG/SHF Series Component Sets

Specification Table

Specification Table of SHG & SHF Series Harmonic Drive Gearbox




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