Ground Helical Pinion

    Helical Pinions

  • Larger engagement surface.
  • Excellent in quietness.
  • Small in vibration.
  • Can drive more motor power.
  • All gears are ground.
  • Wide precision grads are available.
  • Axial thrust force is generated.

Description of 3F Ground Pinions

Helical pinion is a type of cylindrical gears with inclined tooth line. Compared to straight pinions, helical pinions have the higher engagement, more quietness , less vibration, and are able to drive large power. A pair of engaged helical pinions must have the same helix angle but with the opposite direction of helix.

When the reference section of the gear is in the normal plane, by incline the hobbing tool, the spur gear hobbing machine and hobbing tool can be used to produce helical gears. Because of the twist of teeth, the manufacturing process has the disadvantage of more difficult production.

The helical pinions manufactured by 3F company can be devided into two types by the reference section of the gears being in the rotating plane (transverse module) and normal plane (normal module). If the reference section is in the rotating plane, the center distance is identical to spur gears as long as they are the same module and number of teeth. This allows for easy swapping with spur gears. However, in this case, they require special hobbing cutters and grinding stones, leading to higher production cost. On the other hand, if the reference section is in the normal plane, it is possible to use spur gear hobbing tools and grinding stones. However, the same module and number of teeth in spur gears no longer match the center distance of helical gears, and swapping becomes very difficult. In addition, the center distance is usually not an integer.

While spur gears do not generate axial thrust forces, because of the twist in the tooth trace, helical gears produce axial thrust force. Therefore, it is desirable to use thrust bearings to absorb this force. However, combining right hand and left hand helical gears making double helical gears will eliminate the thrust force.

Helical gears are often used in automotive transmissions by replacing spur gears.

Application of 3F Ground Gears

  • 3F ground helical pinions are applicable for CNC tools with heavy loads, high precision, high rigidity, high speed and long travel, and also applied in drilling machines, lathes, processing centers, cutting machines, woodworking machines, welding machines, stone machinery, lifter, track system, automobile steering system, machine tool and actuator feeder mechanism, etc.
  • 3F ground pinions are also widely used for factory automatic fast loading mechanism, robot arm grabbing mechanism, intelligent stereoscopic warehouse, etc.
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Specifications of 3F Ground Spur Pinions

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Specifications of Ground Helical Pinions

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