Overview of PADR Right Angle Planetary Speed Reducer

  • The 90 degree right angle type contribute to save the space.
  • High rigidity and high torque was achieved by the use of integral needle roller bearings.
  • The use of high viscosity anti-separation grease is a perfect solution of grease leakage.
  • PADR series is easy to install and no need to replace the grease during the life time.

Indication of Model Numbers of PADR Speed Reducers

Description of PADR Right Angle Planetary Gearbox

3F PADR series right angle planetary gearbox is flange output and 90 degree right angle type, which can save the mounting space and meet customers’ special requirements. The flange output type allows mechanical components such as pinions, pulleys, rotary indexing tables and drive shafts to be easily and directly connected to the output shaft, which can achieve higher stiffness and torsion and improve the efficiency.

There are seven different frame sizes of the PADR right angle gearbox with ratios from 3 to 100 can fit in with the needs of different applications. PADR series features of high radial load and high axial load due to it adopts tapered roller bearings.

High precision and low backlash are the two main advantages of PADR series right angle planetary gear box. P0 (micro backlash), P1(precision backlash) and P2 (standard backlash) are available for your selection of different application. 3F PADR series reducer is widely used in packaging machinery, filling equipment, metal forming, packaging machinery, and assembly automation systems.

Feature of PADR Right Angle Gearboxes

  • Supported by the integrated planetary arm

Due to the integrated design of the plane carrier and output shaft, it improves the torsional stiffness and accuracy.

  • Equipped with high precision gears

The material of planetary gears and sun gear is high-quality nickel-chrome-molybdenum alloy steel, then through precision machined and carburized, and then precision tooth grinded or scraped ensure high gear accuracy.

  • Modular design of motor connection board
    The motor connection boardadopts special modular design, which can be applied in any brand of servo motors. The surface of gearbox through anodized to improve the corrosion resistant capability.

Packaging Details of Speed Reducer

1.Standard 3F package either carton or wooden case according to the weight of speed reducer.

2.Customized package according to the unique requirement of customer.
3. Unmarked package.

Delivery Time of 3F Planetary Gearbox

  • Standard type of gearboxes can be supplied from stock after we confirmed the payment received.
  • For custom gearboxes, usually, it will take about 30 days, if you are urgent, we will make a special arrange for production.
Specification Table

Specification Table of PADR Planetary Gear Reducer

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