Overview of PAW-2P Series Right Angle Gearbox

  • Advanced square box structure
  • Multiple output shaft type
  • Large load capacity for servo motor
  • Excellent transmission efficiency (≥95%)
  • Wide range of ratios which meet different requirements

Indication of Model Numbers of  PAW-2P Double Output Shaft 90 Degree Gearbox

Descriptions of PAW-2P Series Right Angle Gearbox 

The 3F PAW-2P series spiral bevel steering right angle gearbox is called the right angle precision speed reducer which belongs to the cylinder gear reducer. It is equipped with all closed structure with double output shaft. In the application of servo control, the PAW-2P right angle gearbox possesses good mechanical rigidity, high precision position, low backlash, high efficiency, high input torque, smooth transmission in the operating mechanism. Besides, it adopts an integrated structure design with small size and light weight and it makes the servo motor operate efficiently and reduce the load inertia greatly and increase the output torque.

Overview of PAW-2P Series Right Angle Gearbox

  1. High mechanical rigidity

The PAW-2P series spiral bevel right angle gearbox adopts an integrated design, with high mechanical rigidity, low noise and easy installation for servo motors of various brands.

  1. High-precision closed transmission

The spiral bevel gear is made of high-quality low-carbon alloy steel which is carburized, quenched, grinded in order to achieve high-precision closed transmission.

  1. Any installation direction

Due to the advanced square box structure, the PAW-2P series right angle gearbox could mount with the workpiece in any direction.


The PAW-2P series right angle gearbox of 3F is widely used in CNC machine tools, medical equipment, semiconductor equipment, precision measuring instruments, mechanical arm, laboratory equipment, printing machinery, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, energy companies, beverage machinery, food machinery and other industries.

Specification Table

Specification Table of  PAW-2P Double Output Shaft 90 Degree Gearbox

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