Overview of PAW-P Series Right Angle Gearbox

  • Single solid output shaft of right angle gearbox
  • Good adaptability for matching with any brands of servo and stepper motor
  • Wide range of ratio: 1:1 ~1: 100
  • Applicable servo motor capacity: 0.1 kw~15kw
  • Good sealing with fully synthetic grease

Indication of Model Numbers of  PAW-P  Single Output Shaft 90 Degree Gearbox

Descriptions of PAW-P Series Right Angle Gearbox

The 3F PAW-P right angle speed reducer is a kind of steering gearbox which is equipped with a compact structure with single output shaft. The steering gearbox is made of high quality die-casted Aluminum alloy and it ensure the high quality and high output torque. The speed-reduction mechanism adopts a helical gear design, and its meshing rate is twice than the normal spur gear. It has smooth running, low noise, high output torque and low backlash. Besides, due to the single output shaft structure design, it is limited for installation direction.

Materials of PAW-P Series Right Angle Gearbox

  1. The surface of the gear box is treated with electroless nickel, and the motor connecting plate is treated with black anodization to improve the environmental resistance and corrosion resistance.
  2. The steering gearbox has a compact structure, high precision and large output torque due to the integrated design of the gear box and the inner ring gear.
  3. The PAW-P series steering speed reducer use NYOGEL 792D synthetic grease, and adopt ip65 protection grade seal design so that the oil does not leak.
  4. The integrated-structure-design of boom and output shaft ensures maximum torsional rigidity.
  5. The sun gear produced by the entire gear bar has high rigidity and accurate concentricity.


The PAW-P right angle gearbox single output shaft of 3F is widely used in CNC machine tools, medical equipment, semiconductor equipment, precision measuring instruments, mechanical arm, laboratory equipment, printing machinery, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, energy companies, beverage machinery, food machinery and other industries.

Specification Table

Specification Table of PAW-P Single Output Shaft 90 Degree Gearbox

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