Overview of PT-2P Series Double Output Shaft Keyed Steering Gearbox

  • Double shaft output miniature gearbox
  • Flexible for change direction
  • High transmission efficiency which is up to 95%
  • High strength & rigity due to the integrated structure design
  • Space-saving which is suitable for small installation space

Indication of Model Numbers of PT-2P Double Output Shaft Steering Gearbox

Descriptions of PT-2P Series Double Output Shaft Keyed Steering Gearbox

The 3F PT-2P series double output shaft keyed steering gearbox is a kind of right angle gearbox. The double output shafts are distributed at 90 degree which meets the special requirments. The steering gearbox is manufactured with exported high quality materials by advanced processing technology and it gurantees the high transmission efficiency and long service life. The integrated structure design increases the high rigity and saves the installation space.

Materials of PT-2P Series Double Output Shaft Keyed Steering Gearbox

  1. The gear material is made of high-grade chromium-molybdenum-vanadium alloy steel, which is quenched and tempered to a substrate hardness of 30 rc, and then the advanced iron nitriding equipment is used to nitride the hardness of the gear surface to 840 hv to obtain the best wear resistance and impact toughness.
  2. The helical tooth surfaces are individually toothed and lead-trimmed by using 3D T&D’s design analysis technology to reduce the impact and noise of the gears’ engaging in and out, increasing the service life of the gear train.
  3. The integrated structure design of boom and output shaft ensures maximum torsional rigidity.
  4. The sun gear produced by the entire gear bar has high rigidity and accurate concentricity.


The 3F PT-2P double hollow shaft keyed gearbox is widely used in semiconductor equipment, TFT-LCD optoelectronic equipment, automation industrial equipment, industrial robotic arm equipment, various packaging equipment.

Specification Table

Specification Table of PT-2P Double Output Shaft Steering Gearbox

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