Overview of PT-CR Hollow Shaft Keyed Steering Gearbox

  • High positioning accuracy thanks to precise grinded gears
  • High torque due to the using of roller cone bearing
  • Good sealing with fully synthetic grease
  • High startability for high precision planetary construction.
  • Easy Installation for matching all brands of servo motors.

Indication of Model Numbers of  PT-CR Hollow Shaft Keyed Steering Gearbox

Descriptions of PT-CR Hollow Shaft Keyed Steering Gearbox

The 3F PT-CR hollow shaft keyed gearbox is a kind of steering gearbox which is suitable for the occasion where the direction need to be changed. Due to the using of the square structure, it is easy to install and saves the installation space. Besides, the advanced square box structure contributes to the high strength, high rigity and high output torque. And the groove key makes the steering gearbox of 3F run smoothly.

Features of PT-CR Hollow Shaft Keyed Steering Gearbox

  1. The shell of the 3F PT-CR hollow shaft keyed gearbox is made of high quality FC-25 cast iron so that it features high strength and high rigity.
  2. The gear adopts high quality and high purity alloy steel 50CrMnT by carburizing, quenching and grinding.
  3. The spindle has largeload capacity with the using of high quality and high purity alloy steel 40Cr.
  4. The oil sealadopts imported double lip oil seal and has extremely high dust prevention and anti leakage ability.


The 3F PT-CR hollow shaft keyed steering gearbox is widely used in semiconductor equipment, TFT-LCD optoelectronic equipment, automation industrial equipment, industrial robotic arm equipment, various packaging equipment.

Specification Table

Specification table of PT-CR Hollow Shaft Keyed Steering Gearbox

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