Overview of ZK Hollow Rotary Actuator

  • Environmental-resistant and corrosion-resistant capability
  • Superior performance and high transmission efficiency
  • Repeated positioning accuracy: ±15 sec
  • Lost motion: 2 min
  • Direct connection with work piece
  • Small vibration and low noise

Indication of Model Numbers of ZK Hollow Rotary Actuators

Descriptions of ZK Hollow Rotary Actuators

The ZK hollow rotary actuator of 3F famed is a kind of rotating load device and it also belongs to the planetary gearbox. It adopts high-rigid cross-roller angular roller bearings and rotary platform surface integration design and the ZK hollow rotary actuator could bear large load. The 3F famed ZK hollow rotary actuator combines the advantages of DD motor and cam indexer. What’s more, the hollow rotary actuator can realize arbitrary cutting with high precision. The hollow rotary platform of ZK greatly reduces the cost of the DD motor and meets the high precision and digitalization control that the divider can not provide.

Features of ZK Hollow Rotary Actuators

  • High precision gear

The rotating gear and sun gear are made of high quality alloy steel by precision machining and carburizing processing technology.

  • Wide range of ratio

Larger reduction ratios could be achieved by fitting with a planetary gearbox or right angle gearbox.

  • Good adaptability

The special modular design of motor connection plate is suitable for any brand and any type of servo motor.

Advantages of ZK Hollow Rotary Actuators

  1. The hollow shaft rotation platform can replace the DD motor and the splitter,achieving a balance between the two, with a repeatable positioning accuracy.
  2. The rotary surface can be locked directly with the workpiece for added convenience in workpiece loading.
  3. The hollow structure design allows for wiring or piping work and it meets requirement for speed reducer.
  4. The speed reduction mechanism adopts ultra-precision gears to eliminate backlash through its own adjustment mechanism. Therefore, there will be no backlash in the mechanism.


The ZK hollow rotary actuator of 3F famed is widely used in light load robot joint, laser marking or rotary chuck in engraving machine and rotary shaft in precision alignment mechanism.

Six Major Uses  of ZK Planetary Gearbox

1.Inertia change of the load

2.High-precision positioning

3.Inertia load application

4.High-precision positioning by using a hollow hole

5.Optimization of the use of a hollow hole

6.Pickup of a hollow hole

Specification Table

Specification Table of ZK Hollow Rotary Actuators

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