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Helical Racks

  • Large load carrying capacity
  • No limit to the length
  • Mechanical simplicity
  • Shape of square appearance, easy to integrate and use
  • With grinding and milling tooth surface processing
  • M1~M10 modulus are available
  • Rack surface accuracy grade of DIN5, 6, 7, 8, 10


Indication of Model Numbers of Ground Racks

Description of 3F Ground Racks

3F ground rack is made of 42CrMo , which is much stronger than the racks that made of C45.  All the teeth of 3F gear racks are hardened and quenched which enable our racks more wear-resistant. All the gear racks are firstly get off strss annealing and then all the teeth suface will be  gound to get high precision. All of our processing machines are imported. For example, our milling teeth machines were imported from Germany.  And our cutting tool machines were imported from America. Moreover, we still have machines to test the engagement situation of the rack and pinion under high speed, which are widely used on CNC machines.

Rack is a special kind of gear with teeth distributed on the rack body with teeth on only one side. You can take it as a segment of a gear with infinite diameter. Rack is normally used to work with pinion together acting as a kind of machine part used for transmission field. 3F famed gear racks are divided into two kinds. One is called straight rack or spur rack , and the other is called helical rack, which are used in pairs with straight or helical cylindrical pinions respectively. Generally, people call then “rack and pinion”.  When the pinion is active, the rotary motion can be changed into linear motion. When the rack is active, the linear motion can be changed into rotary motion.

Application of 3F Ground Gear Racks

  • 3F Ground Racks are applicable for CNC tools with heavy loads, high precision, high rigidity, high speed and long travel, and also applied in drilling machines, lathes, processing centers, cutting machines, woodworking machines, welding machines, stone machinery, lifter, track system, automobile steering system, machine tool and actuator feeder mechanism, etc.
  • 3F gear racks are also widely used for factory automatic fast loading mechanism, robot arm grabbing mechanism, intelligent stereoscopic warehouse, etc.
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Specification Table of AT-L Speed Reducer

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Catalogue of AL-L  Speed Reducer

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