Fenghua precision planetary gearbox is mainly special for servo motor/ stepper motor. The greatest characteristics are high precision, large transmission capacity. Of course, it can also match DC motor, single phase motor, and synchronous motor and various three phases asynchronous motor power sources.

Planetary gearbox adopts the planetary gear structure design, high-performance alloy steel with special heating treatment, flange and other alloy materials. It features of beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight, large torque, low noise, high efficiency and long service life and other characteristics.

Textile machinery is a variety of mechanical equipment needed to process natural or chemical fibers into textiles.

Textile machinery has strong craftability, complex structure, and many parts. It needs to be pre-assembled or partially assembled before leaving the factory and then subjected to production test or partial production test to ensure that the quality of the machine meets the requirements. Textile machinery factories have well-equipped test departments.

In the operating process of the textile machinery, the planetary gearbox is an indispensable industrial product. In the application of servo control, it has good servo rigidity effect, accurate positioning control, decreasing speed and increasing output torque at the same time.