Woodworking machinery refers to a kind of machinery tool which processes the semi-finished wood products that have been already processed into wood products in wood processing technology.

With the development of modern furniture and crafts, the woodworking machinery has developed from the simple cutting to the current high accuracy and high speed woodworking machinery with CNC cutting, CNC craving and so on.

In the field of woodworking, planetary gearboxes are often only applied in high precise NCPC. The requirements of planetary gearbox are generally compact structure, large power output, high frequent rotation, high strength resist and rigidity, as well as high accuracy and maximum speed and severe working environment.

Application requirements in the field of woodworking machinery

  1. The application of high dynamic and linear operation of woodworking NCPC requires that planetary reducer be strong enough and has high running efficiency.
  2. Because the woodworking NCPC is highly dynamic, especially the multi-axis NCPC, the driving component’s self-weight needs to be very low, which can achieve good control effect and make the cycle time more efficient.
  3. The application of woodworking NCPC requires high speed, repetitive precision and precise positioning stability of heavy load, so as to achieve quickly and precisely cutting, drilling and craving and so on.
  4. Woodworking NCPC needs to continuous operation for 24 hours without pause even the whole year, so for the requirements of precision and stability are particularly high.
  5. High precise multi-axis woodworking NCPC requires absolutely not to deviate from the predefined path, even if slight vibration or tracking deviation will result in the deviation of the trajectory, the increase of the difference of products and cause the increase of the rate of defective products.
  6. The working environment of woodworking equipment is pretty severe. There are more dust and constant high temperature, so it is a challenge for the environmental adaption of planetary gearbox.