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Sep 12,2023


During the model selection process of reducer gearbox, normally several parameters will be considered including the reduction ratio of the planetary gearbox, the output speed of the gearbox, the matching motor power and the output mode of the speed reducer. All of these parameters are very important. Besides, there are still other related parameters. Today 3F mainly talks about the calculation of the reducer torque.

Motor torque, that is, the output torque of the motor, is one of the basic parameters of the motor. The unit is N.M.

Formula: T=9550P/n

This formula is a calculation formula for the relationship between torque, power and speed commonly used in engineering.

Meanings of each letter in the formula:

  • T-torque;

  • 9550-constant (do not have to find outits source);

  • P-motor power (KW);

n–output speed (rev/min r/min)

Note: if When calculating the torque through the reducer gearbox, the factor of gear transmission efficiency loss should be considered.

Servo motor torque calculation formula: T = F * R * reduction ratio. For example: If you need the machine to drive a 100kg object, knowing the move distance R = 50mm, and the reduction ratio is 1:50, please calculate the torque of the servo motor?

Answer: 100×9.8 (gravity acceleration) x0.05×0.02=0.98N.M

Reducer torque calculation formula

  1. Speedratio: speed ratio = motor output revolutions ÷ reducer output revolutions (“speed ratio” is also called “gear ratio”)

  2. Knowingthe motor power, speed ratio and theuse coefficient and you want to know the torque of the reducer.  The formula is as follows:

reducer torque = 9550×motor power÷motor power input revolution×speed ratio×use coefficient

  1. Knowingthe torque, the output revolution of the reducer and the use coefficient, then how to calculate the motor power of the reducer?

The following formula: Motor power = torque÷9550×motor power input speed÷speed ratio ÷use coefficient.


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