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Explosion proof servo motor

Explosion proof AC servo motor

This series has explosion-proof servo motors with bases such as 40/60/90/110/130/180/220.


Specification Table


Accurate, compact, safe, and energy-saving

The FB series explosion-proof servo motors are suitable for gas zone 1 and dust zone 21 explosion-proof scenarios, and are widely used in industries such as oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, spraying, printing, etc. Strictly follow the explosion-proof standards for all research and development, design, and manufacturing, to ensure the application of system integrators and equipment manufacturers in explosion-proof environments.

The FB series not only has explosion-proof certification, but also has a compact exterior size and high power density. Rich speed and torque options, low current design control system cost, help create safe, reliable, efficient and energy-saving excellent equipment.

Technical highlights

FB series explosion-proof servo motor, with a brand new explosion-proof design, multiple winding types and feedback options. One zone explosion-proof design is adopted for applications that require higher explosion-proof certification, ensuring that in gas and dust explosion-proof scenarios, the motor casing can withstand internal explosions without damage, ensuring equipment safety.

The explosion-proof performance meets the standard, and the CCC explosion-proof symbol is Ex db Ⅱ C T4 Gb/Ex tb Ⅲ C T135 ° C Db.

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