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Radiation resistant - high and low temperature - vacuum motor

Radiation resistant - high and low temperature - vacuum stepper motor


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Product features:

Vacuum/high temperature/low temperature environment usage -40 ° C~150 ° C

Vacuum degree: 1.0X10-7Pa, radiation resistant 10-6Gy

The vacuum stepper motor adopts a brand new design, selects suitable materials, and completes the manufacturing and inspection of special motors through new production processes. The lowest temperature can reach -40 ° C~150 ° C, and the vacuum degree is better than 1.0X10-7Pa. Standard designs 28 and 35 42.57 86 frame size two-phase four wire hybrid stepper motor, other specifications of motors can be customized according to needs, or special requirements such as radiation resistance, mold resistance, impact resistance, and output shaft form can be customized.

High cleanliness environments can also be chosen. Special material selection and comprehensive backend processing technology enable it to perform well even in high cleanliness environments. Collaborate with third-party factories to develop corresponding grade gearboxes based on user requirements.

With people's increasing concern for health, industrial production that used to be used for artificial nuclear decommissioning or in nuclear environments is no longer suitable. With the development of industrial automation today, there are already some devices that can replace humans to perform tasks in nuclear radiation environments. The requirements for automation products in nuclear environments are also different. As the power source of automation systems - motors, the preferred choice is to withstand radiation.

Due to the fact that the casing and motor shaft are made of scratch resistant stainless steel, there will be no corrosion or damage to the coating surface. The motor meets the protection level of IP67, and the total radiation dose can reach the 6th power Grays of 10.

The equipment used in nuclear reactors needs to withstand various harsh conditions:

It not only needs to withstand thermal mechanical stress and chemical stress, but also radiation.

For motors: adhesives, enameled wires, cables, bearings, and encoders must all undergo radiation resistance treatment.

Characteristics of nuclear grade servo motors:

1) Can work in a strong nuclear radiation environment (radiation intensity 10 to the 6th power Gy)

2) Resistance to nuclear radiation and corrosion, protection level IP67

3) Rated torque 0.7 N.m~8N-m

4) High overload capacity and good dynamic response performance

5) Small cogging torque and small torque fluctuations

3. Application field of nuclear level servo motors

1) Nuclear radiation environment

2) Food industry

3) Chemical industry

4) Pharmaceutical industry

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